Discover & connect with recently-funded startups

Get a list of recently-funded tech companies, including verified CEO contact information, delivered to your inbox each week.

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Book calls with decision makers at tech companies

If you sell software or services to the tech industry, MLQ VC is for you. Each week, you get a list of 100+ new leads delivered to your inbox that you can do business with.

Why Recently-Funded Startups?

These companies have just raised outside money, meaning they have big budgets and are looking to scale fast.

Connect with Decision Makers

With verified CEO contact information and other funding data, you have everything you need to convert these companies into customers.


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Find new clients for your agency or startup

Agencies and startups all use our VC-backed startup database to easily find and land high-value clients. Take your company to the next level with MLQ VC.

Connect with CEOs of VC-backed startups

Instantly get access to our startup database and start reaching out to CEOs of venture-backed tech startups.

Find companies that just raised millions

From startups to enterprises. These companies are looking to scale fast and have big budgets to get them there.

What's Included in Each Report?

Each report gives you everything you need to understand and connect with the world's fastest-growing companies.

Company Name

Company URL



Verified Company Email

Company LinkedIn

Funding Amount

Funding Date

Funding Type

CEO's Name

Verified CEO's Email

CEO's Linkedin

A price you can make back with one new client.

MLQ VC is the easiest way to discover recently-funded tech startups you can do business with.

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For companies that want to run their own outbound sales
$79 / month
  • 100+ recently-funded startup leads delivered to your inbox each week
  • Access to all 7000+ recently funded startups
  • Company data, funding amount, verified contact information, and more
  • Tech Stack data
  • Simple, secure card payment
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Done for you
For busy founders that have a million different things to do
$1997 / month
  • We book meetings for you
  • Access 7000+ leads
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  • Automated follow ups
  • 0% commision rate
  • Weekly updates and reporting
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Access 7000+ Recently-Funded Tech Startups

In addition to a new lead list delivered to your inbox each week, you have access to all previous 7000+ companies in our database. You can see how easy it is to browse past recently-funded startups, including information about the company, funding data, and contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out our FAQ below. If you have any other questions, contact us by email.

Why should I use MLQ VC?

MLQ VC is the fastest way to discover tech companies that have just raised money and are looking to scale their business. You can use the report to connect with companies that need your services in the most efficient way possible. If you're in venture capital, the report automates your deal flow discovery and helps you stay up-to-date with trends in startup funding each week.

How many companies are in each report?

On average each list will include between 100-200 companies that have raised at least $500k+ in outside capital. We also verify all email addresses so that you know you're connecting with the right person and your emails won't bounce.

What format does the report come in?

The report comes in a convenient Airtable sheet and can also be downloaded in .csv and imported to any other CRM.

Can I see a sample?

Yes, you can find one here.